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19 Yrs. (Feb. 21) CWD Certification Program
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Fawn Processing
Birth of a Fawn
We are located in Northern Indiana. We began raising whitetail deer in 2000, starting out with one buck and 6 does we had bought from local deer farmers.
Each year there was and still is new challenges we face when it comes to raising and treating our deer.
Since I had been a hog farmer for 40 years, I knew the importance of vaccinating livestock to produce the healthiest animals that I could.
We got with our local vet and came up with a vaccination program for our herd. Our fawns are vaccinated and tagged within the first 12 hours of birth. We also vaccinate our whole herd each year with the same vaccinations.
Let’s say, we don’t skimp on the cost of producing healthy deer. That goes for the feed we mix ourselves also. They get the best of the best in nutrition and care that anyone could give them.
Fawn Cradle
Fawn Tote Birth of a 
Story Our goal is to produce healthy whitetail deer